Termite Control Services

termite control services

Termite Control Services

Termites can be devastating to your business. To your property, reputation and profitability. That’s why companies nationwide rely on Safevision Termite Control Services for advanced and comprehensive termite protection.

Safevision offer Termite Control Services. Termites are particularly troublesome pests as they can cause serious damage to your home or workplace. It is difficult to get rid of. Often, they thrive discreetly and in inaccessible spots. Do-It-Yourself anti-termite treatments like termite spray might not be able to treat termite infestation at the root level, especially in the case of large termite colonies. Getting termite treatment from an expert termite control service provider is the best way to remove termites from your property and safeguard your precious belongings.

Termite Treatment in Lahore

We’ll take every necessary step to get rid of termites in your home. We’re dedicated in offering a cheap termite service that will leave your flat pest free today. 

Termite Proofing in  Lahore

Termite proofing in buildings is very important as the damage likely to be caused by the termites is huge. Wood is one of the materials which termites damage

Deemak Control

Termites known as “Deemak” in our language can cause extreme damage and threaten the safety of your home. With both Deemak Control Services and Deemak Treatment services, we offer the most advanced solutions to protect your home. Deemak Control in Lahore

Subterranean Termite

Subterranean termites are the most important insect pest of wood living in large underground colonies, termites may attack any wood in contact with the soil and may even construct protective shelter tubes over nonwood materials to attack wood above ground

Drywood Termite Treatment

Unlike the subterranean termite which lives in the ground, drywood termites do not need soil moisture. Instead, they excavate their nest and live directly inside the wood. They infest dry wood such as siding, eaves, cornices, and walls. It is the most injurious species of drywood termite in that area.


We don’t let termites eat away at your bottom line. We’ll hit them where they live with custom treatments, our experienced specialists know just how to deal with your termite threat. We have the power to shut down both subterranean and drywood termite species. And we target them even in hard-to-reach places behind concrete and asphalt.


Depending on the type of termite activity you have, we’ll customize a solution to your business and facility needs. We’ll get them out quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business.